Beach Pavilion De Kwartel

Biological, durable, coffee, wine and tasteful food

The atmosphere in Beach Pavilion De Kwartel is quite unique. You can pull up a chair in our beautiful and natural wooden temple and enjoy the special view while drinking a glass of good wine or a tasty cappuccino.

First and foremost, we are a restaurant with an honest kitchen. In addition to this, you can also rent the various areas in our pavilion for private parties or business meetings. We also organise various beach activities.



Wine bar by the Sea

We are great wine lovers and a passionate collectors, and it’s not for nothing that we have a genuine wine storage in the vicinity of the restaurant. Beach Pavilion De Kwartel has the largest wine selection on the coast, which is quite unique. Our team will gladly spoil you with their custom recommendations. Would you like to try us sometime?

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Working at de Kwartel

Beach pavilion de Kwartel is always looking for new, joyful workers in the kitchen, behind the bar or to serve.

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Green Key Label

De Kwartel believes in sustainability and quality. In addition, we greatly love the clean environment of the Stille Strand and beautiful dunes. This is why we are an official Green Key location; a company that preserves the environment without giving up comfort and quality.

Green Key quality mark

Green Key is the international quality mark for sustainable businesses in the recreation and leisure sector. The great characteristic of companies with this quality mark is that they take the ensuring of sustainability within the company one step further.

Where possible, De Kwartel uses local and organic products and doesn’t incorporate flavour enhancers or E621 in its dishes. On request, we can also prepare a gluten-free meal for you, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Green roof and solar panels

Energy Guards has provided our roofs with sedum plants and solar panels. In this way we contribute to sustaining the Dutch coast and we are proud to do so..