Respectful Farewell


The beach, the sea, the wind and our spectacular dunes; there is something magical about it. The peaceful area surrounding De Kwartel provides a beautiful décor for a dignified funeral and a lovely way to bid your deceased loved-one farewell. If you wish, our team can help you organise this to take off some of the pressure. We will do this with the great support of Betrokken Uitvaarten. It is, of course, also an option to engage the services of your own undertaker and invite them to join you.


Our wooden palace is located right behind the lovely dune area of the Zuiderstrand beach. You are surrounded by nature here with a view of the sea and the ‘Stille Strand’.

You can hire certain sections of De Kwartel for a private gathering; we will guarantee and fully respect your privacy. Together, we will create the right atmosphere and make sure that everything runs smoothly.

We offer all the required installations for music or speakers. During this farewell we will, of course, make sure that all installations are functioning properly and are used in the correct manner.

Do you want the farewell or funeral to take place at De Kwartel? We always maintain a respectful and dignified approach.


At the access to the dunes, we will move the coffin from the hearse and place it in De Kwartel’s small van, which has 4 seats available for those that wish to remain with the coffin.

The road to De Kwartel

The bus will drive through the dunes and across the beach to the beach pavilion. We will remove the coffin from the van and place it on a beautiful spot in the allocated area.


Has the funeral come to an end? Our van will take you back to the pick-up point at the dunes.

Looking for more information?

The details of each funeral will obviously vary. Would you like to discuss the options or view the location? Then call us at +31 (0)70-3555615 to make an appointment.

Would you like to use the services of our partners? Then please contact Betrokken Uitvaarten in The Hague via